Prepare your home for autumn in 5 steps

September 29, 2020

That’s why in today’s post we tell you everything you can change in your house to adapt it to the arrival of autumn. 

General cleanliness

Before starting it is always good to do a thorough cleaning of the house. There are more complicated tasks that we do not have time to do every day and this change of season is a good time to tidy up and clean all those corners that are forgotten.

Renew the decoration

Obviously you don’t have to change all the decorations in your home. By changing a few simple details we can go from a summer decoration to a warm autumn one. 

Change the textiles. This is surely the easiest step. Add blankets and plaids on sofas and beds. Whenever you can, use warm tones such as brown and beige to achieve the desired atmosphere. Don’t forget the rugs and cushions!

Bring out the interior designer in you and use decorative elements such as flowers and nuts or natural elements such as branches and leaves in vases and use them as centrepieces.

Prepare the heating in advance

It is always advisable to be proactive with regard to heating and boilers. Until you arrive at the factory, you will have to use a technique that will facilitate the revision (it is recommended to do one a year) and you will be sure that everything is fine and that your house will be ready for the next months.

One of the things we cannot forget is to purge the radiators. This is a maintenance requirement, but it is essential that the radiators are not left unattended and are working properly. But it is very simple: you just have to work the radiator key and collect the water that falls.

Another option is to have additional heating points, such as a ground source, an electric heater or radiator, or even air conditioning. You must take into account that all the electrical appliances and the machinery need to be checked to ensure that they are working properly. 

Don’t forget the terrace

Autumn is the season par excellence for rain. If you have furniture on your terrace, make sure it is ready to be outdoors. We also recommend that you use some material to cover them and protect them from water and cold to ensure they are in the best condition when spring arrives. 

This time of year is not incompatible with going out on the terrace. Prepare it with blankets and an outdoor fireplace. Take advantage of the sun’s rays and enjoy your terrace. 

If you have plants, make sure they are placed in a place where they always have sunlight and protect them from the cold. It is also time to plant some plants that will flower in spring. If you have a garden with deciduous trees, you should clean all the dry leaves that are left in the ground. 

Consider the lighting

One of the most obvious factors in the arrival of autumn is that it gets dark much earlier, so we lose hours of sunshine at home. Make the most of natural light by opening the curtains during the day, so we will also avoid opening the light unnecessarily and save.

Candles are a very good option as an alternative light point. Besides being decorative, they bring a lot of warmth to the atmosphere. But make sure you turn them all off if you are not in the room where they are lit. 

Espígul is your trusted estate agent in Girona, our aim is to make your home your home. We hope that with all these recommendations you will have your home ready to enjoy the arrival of autumn.

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