Maybe you’re wondering if it’s a good idea to buy a new floor?

August 6, 2020

It is difficult to find a flat that fits all your needs, so we recommend that you make a list of the following key points before choosing your future flat

  • Knowing what type of home you want is not the same as buying a new apartment with all the new finishes as it is to buying an apartment that needs to be renovated. This point is influenced by factors such as price and comfort.
  • Establish a limit zone to search and analyze the neighborhood/area where the flat is located. It is very important not to end up in an area without basic services such as supermarkets, schools, medical centers or poor communications.
  • Make a list of the minimum requirements you need to have. For example, number of rooms, terrace or balcony, number of toilets…
  • Check technical aspects of the house such as the state of the supplies, as this will help you to know what the costs will be in the long term.

Our final recommendation is to have the help of professionals in the sector, such as Immobiliaria Girona Espígul, who can help you find the best option.

Buying a flat in Girona or nearby can be quite an adventure. If you are interested in buying a new flat in this area, we have what you are looking for!

Buying a flat in Girona or nearby can be quite an adventure. If you are interested in buying a new flat in this area, we have what you are looking for!

Read on to discover all the advantages of Can Gruart’s new flats in Vilablareix. 

We would like to introduce you to the new development of Can Gruart’s flats in Vilablareix. This new promotion in which we are working consists of flats of three and four rooms and two bathrooms. They are flats with high quality finishes and a fantastic architectural design that we are sure you will fall in love with.

Vilablareix is a village located five minutes from Girona. It is a quiet village but with all the amenities such as a nursery, school and high school, CAP (primary care centre) pavilion, football pitch… It is also very well connected, there is regular transport to Girona and quick access to the AP7.

The newly built apartments Can Gruart have a communal area with garden and pool. Actually this was not a determining factor for which you decided to buy a flat but after the situation lived the last months, it can be a positive point to have these areas.

One of the main advantages of buying off-plan new flats near Girona like these is that you can decide all the finishes to your liking. These are flats that are still under construction, so you can customize the characteristics of the final finishes and materials.

Also, if you are one of the first to buy any of the flats in the development, you can choose the one that best suits your needs: orientation, floor plan, number of rooms, etc.

Two other aspects to take into account before buying your future home are the garage and the storage room. These are two elements that can be dispensed with in a purchase, but you should assess whether you need them in your daily life. In the case of Can Gruart’s newly built apartments, the storage room and garage are included. Forget about going around looking for parking in the street and having all the clutter in your house.

You can see all the flats we have available and their characteristics. If you have any questions about this promotion, or simply want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us at or call us at 972 220 110 and we will be happy to explain more without obligation.

Finally, if you are looking for a new flat or house in Girona or nearby, Espígul Real Estate can help you find the property that best suits your needs and make it your home.

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