Marie Kondo and the Konmari method

November 7, 2019

The Marie Kondo method defends that fixing the house helps to order life. At first it is possible to think that due to the volume of things space is lacking and for that reason the sensation of disorder occurs. But really, what is needed is a choice and a method to follow.

Marie Kondo is a Japanese, author of the book “The magic of order.” A young woman specialized in this field and creator of the Konmari method. This includes nine steps. Each one of them must complete completely, before moving on to the following:

  • Throw away everything that does not make us happy or does not have a deep sense for us. And to keep the conscience calmer in the face of the anxiety that can cause you to get rid of the belongings, thank you for your service.
  • Store just what brings happiness to our lives and is essential, since it makes us happy.
  • Sort by category, not by place. In order to be completely aware of what is and what is not, things must be classified for clothing, food, books, etc.
  • Always start with clothes. The clothes are easier to throw because quickly it is known whether it is used or not.
  • Organize vertically and in color the clothes that make you happy. It is easier to locate the folded pieces in three parts that interest us and the drawers are much more ordered.
  • The task of sorting for later should not be left. If you start, you must end each category.
  • Every object that you own must have some value or meaning for you.
  • Loneliness is the best state to clean. In company there may be distractions and you can persuade yourself not to get rid of something.
  • The furniture there is enough to store what is available. Buying new ones is only necessary if you do not have furniture.

Those who have applied it, say that the method is a great help. Following these tips can help keep the order and organization of your home. Did you plan to try the Konmari method?

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