Make cleaning more effective to prevent infection

May 26, 2020

In order to establish guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting the home in this blog we will explain how to do a more effective cleaning.

When starting the cleaning routine you often waste a lot of time not considering a cleaning plan. In both a routine and a general one, a list of essential tasks must be drawn up.

To begin with, in this case we will start by opening all the possible windows so that the air circulates. Daily ventilation of all rooms in the home is an important step in maintaining the quality of the air we breathe, as the lack of fresh air favors the transmission of viruses.

The most effective solution for disinfecting surfaces is to use household linen. For it to be effective, the dust must have been wiped off the surface with a damp cloth first. We would then proceed to put on gloves to dissolve the read at 1:50, wet a cloth and use it to clean the surfaces that are touched most often: tables, chairs, door knobs, faucets, and so on.

Also, it is important to remember that the cloth after each use should be cleaned with tap water and use the solution on the same day of its preparation, it is not advisable to store it.

Finally, when it comes to disinfecting personal items, they can be disinfected with 70 ° alcohol. These items include: keys, phone, cell phone, glasses, among others.

These are the basic guidelines for effective cleaning as a prevention. In case of doubt and / or any contagion in the house, please consult the official information channels to know how to act in the case.

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