I want to sell my home: all the steps you need to take to make it a success

July 8, 2021

Selling the flat on your own

Selling the flat from owner to owner is a totally valid and possible option. If you opt for this route, you will have to take care of all the formalities to carry out the sale and purchase of the flat yourself. If you are wondering what are the steps I have to follow to sell a flat on my own, here we explain them to you:

  • Valuing the flat to find out its selling price. There are several possibilities to know the market price of your flat. It is essential to establish a selling price in accordance with the price range of similar flats to make sure that you are not asking for too much money or, on the contrary, you are losing out. It will also vary depending on how much of a hurry you are in to sell the flat. If you need advice, an Inmoespígul manager can help you contact us. 

  • Managing documents. You have to be clear about which documents are compulsory to formalise the sale and purchase, such as the certificate of habitability, the ITE certificate or the certificate of no debts with the community.

  • Promote the sale of the house. You have to publicise the flat to attract potential buyers. Condition the flat to make it attractive with home staging, take photos of the property and publish an advert on different platforms such as real estate portals, social networks or in offline format using posters.

  • Receive visitors. It is important to be attentive to all contacts of interest, to respond quickly and to take care of the presentation of the house when the visit is made. 

  • Negotiate the offer and the conditions of sale. It is possible that the interested parties may propose a lower price than the one proposed. You must try to negotiate and get the best sale price. 

  • Sign the earnest money or reservation contract. Once you have found the ideal buyers, you have to sign the earnest money contract, which serves as a reservation of the flat and a guarantee for both the buyer and yourself.

  • Sign the deed in front of a notary. The last step to make the sale effective. 

Selling the flat with an estate agent

If you do not have time or you think that selling your home is a complicated process, a good option is to choose to go to a real estate agency to manage the sale of your flat.

Main advantages of selling your house to an estate agent

The estate agents are in charge of analysing the potential buyers of the property to find out if they have the necessary financial capacity to buy it. This is a very important step in order to avoid problems later on. 

During the sale process, there are many formalities to manage. If you have the services of a real estate agency, they will help you to manage the sales contract, mortgage application, documentation management and signatures…

Time is money, and selling a property takes a lot of time. Letting a real estate agency manage the whole process will save you a lot of headaches and will also allow you to save time to do what you really want to do.

Why choose Inmobiliaria Espígul to sell your property?

  • Added value

We always look for added value to the properties we have for sale. We offer a high quality photographic report, multimedia video, specific signage… So that your property stands out from the rest!

  • Premium advertising

The flats advertised with Espígul are in the highest positions of Internet portals such as Habitaclia, Idealista, Fotocasa, among others; with the possibility of enjoying unique and exclusive advertising for your property. We also work with offline media such as El Punt Avui or Diari de Girona.

In addition, we give you an extra plus with our own space on our website where you can receive reports and statistics and be in permanent contact with your personal advisor.

  • Follow-up

At Espígul we like to accompany you throughout the whole process of selling your property. We assign you a real estate advisor so that you have a very precise follow-up to understand your needs and respond to them at all times. 

  • Confidence and guarantee

One of the essential requirements before choosing a real estate agency is trust. We want you to be able to enjoy the sales process without any additional problems or headaches. The Espígul team is committed to giving you advice and support so that you can achieve your sales goal with complete success.

If you want to sell your flat or house quickly and effectively, Inmobiliaria Espígul is your trusted estate agent in Girona. If you are thinking of selling your house, do not hesitate to contact us at hola@espigul.com or call us on 972 220 110.

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