June 2, 2022

First of all: How to fill a pool?

  1. Make sure that both the filter and the pump are working properly.
  2. Fill the pool up to half of the skimmer, when it reaches this level you can start the filtration system.
  3. Perform a test of pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine…

What to take into account when filling the pool?

  • Leaks: Cracks in the walls and floors cause most of the expenses in swimming pools. They are not easy to detect with the naked eye, that is why it is necessary to make a periodic review and fix any damage the sooner the better. In this way you will manage to minimize the damage and the cost of possible problems that may arise.

  • Clean the filters: Clean them only when necessary to save water. To clean the filters, it is best to do it with a pressure system and combine water and air.

  • Sustainable disinfection: Normally, chlorine is used, but there are also other options such as salt or active oxygen, which act as purifiers and do not irritate the skin or eyes. Active oxygen is harmless and painless, perfect for swimming pools. Both methods do not require changing the water every year, but allow changing the water every 5-6 years.

  • Do not empty the pool: Keeping the water in the pool during the different seasons will allow the structure to remain intact, since there will be less temperature difference and there will be no fractures due to expansion. You can use a hibernation product for the pool (hibernator) and make sure that it maintains the water quality during the colder months. This way you will not need to empty the pool in winter.

  • Use rainwater: You can also install a tank to store rainwater and/or store the cold water from the shower while you wait for the hot water to come out. These are small changes that seem ineffective, but in the long run will help you save water.

  • Automatic cleaners: With manual cleaners it is inevitable that you will end up losing water, but with automatic cleaners you will save water and you will not have to invest so much time or money in cleaning the filter. There are many different and with very varied prices, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Covering the pool: In winter you can cover the pool so that it does not get dirty. However, you can also cover it during the summer, when it is not being used to protect it from dust, leaves, insects… and prevent water evaporation.

In Espígul we have a set of houses with a swimming pool and also blocks of apartments with communal pools. In addition, with off-plan construction, we have a lot of flexibility to incorporate a swimming pool to your future project.

If you have any questions or would like to visit any of our houses or apartments, do not hesitate to contact us!

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