How to prepare my house or apartment to sell faster and at the best price

June 25, 2020

If you have a property that you would like to sell you should know if you fulfill these 5 basic tips of how to prepare your piss or house to sell in a record time and to fall in love with every person that visits your house.

Thanks to our experience, Immobiliaria Espígul as a real estate agency for rent and sale can tell you how to present the property so that you fall in love at first sight to future buyers. 

Take note with this post of how to prepare my house for sale, you will discover all the points that you must take into account before putting your apartment or house for sale. Ready … there we go!

1.- Repair, improve the damages and illuminate.

This is the first point and one of the most important. Repair as much as you can with low investments so that your home does not transmit a neglected apartment. 

Next we detailed the aspects to you that you must repair or to improve before publishing a sale announcement of your building:

  • Paint the walls and ceilings with light tones. 

That way it brings more light and cleanliness. Neutral tones such as white and grey help to convey objectivity, so everyone can imagine the flat or house to their liking. Having the walls in different colours or in very intense tones are very personal decisions and the future buyer may not feel identified.

  • Good lighting.

Check that all the sockets and light bulbs in the house are working and can play a very important role in small rooms, helping to increase the perception of the size of the room. We recommend 60W minimum power in most rooms except in some corners where you can place an ambience lamp making corners more welcoming.

  • Floors that you do not miss.

Yes, we look where we step. It is important not to have different styles on the floor and try to unify the materials and colours. Waxing the parquet or hydraulic floor would be ideal to look brighter while future buyers walk on the floor.

  • Equipment in good working order.

Make sure all switches are working, taps are not dripping and blinds are not greased to avoid uncomfortable moments while you are showing your floor or house. You can replace old fixtures, repair or replace faucets if they are out of date or even the blinds.

Malfunctioning facilities and equipment in the home can contribute to negative experiences, and these imperfections can become penalties in the final price of the offer. They become the perfect discourse to ask for price reductions. 

2.- Clean and tidy up thoroughly!

Don’t forget the toughest corners like behind the fridge, tile joints especially in the bathroom and kitchen. The most inaccessible shelves too, often visitors want to see all the storage spaces possible. Therefore, they may ask to move furniture, open cupboards and gossip all corners.  

Having the inside of the cabinets and shelves tidy can help and a lot! You never know what furniture the future buyer will move and see what will come out. 

3.- Kitchen and bathroom

As we have detailed above all taps and equipment in the bathrooms and kitchen must be in good working order. But we tell you what else you can do in these rooms to prepare your house for sale.

We start with the bathroom:

  • Change the bathroom curtain for a new one
  • Do not leave toothbrushes, combs or products related to personal hygiene in sight, as this can be very unpleasant for visitors.
  • Keep your towels clean and well folded. 

Now the kitchen…

  • Clear the worktop of appliances and other unnecessary items from the day to day.
  • Avoid having dirty dishes and other utensils for washing. This point is a must have.
  • Fix cupboards that do not close properly and keep the inside of these well ordered. Visitors will want to see how it is stored.
  • And finally… remove magnets and pictures from your fridge.  

4.- Smells do matter

One of the characteristics that influence much more than you can imagine is the smell of your apartment or house. You will not believe it but we have even detected that this point is sometimes the key to sell or not a property. 

There are smells that are pleasant for the great majority so we tell you what you can do if you are thinking of selling your flat or house:

  • First and basic point: ventilate all the rooms.
  • Natural flowers if possible, apart from the good smell, give a lot of joy and life in the rooms. 
  • Have scented candles or soft air fresheners.

You must take into account unpleasant smells that you must avoid because they can be invasive or very personal, we leave you a list:

  • Smells related to pets.
  • Freshly cooked food can be annoying, such as heavy fried or cooked food. 
  • Unventilated spaces sometimes contain tones of moisture or the atmosphere can be dense making the room unpleasant. 

5.- Staging: Lights, camera and action!

Now the last step… the decoration and personal objects. If you have an excess of decorative or too personal items such as family photos, children’s crafts, souvenirs from your trips it is 100% recommended to remove them so that visitors are not distracted by these details. Future buyers should imagine themselves living in your flat or house, so the most important detail is not to have references from the former owners. 

So take your memories outside and turn your home into a clean, attractive and welcoming setting for others. 

From Espígul Real Estate we know that if you follow these tips you can sell soon and at the best price and make your house stand out from the rest of the competitors because when the visitors leave they will keep a better memory of the experience. 

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