How to maintain a well-kept garden?

May 26, 2023

If you are concerned about keeping your garden well cared for and green during the hot season, today’s post will explain some tips on how to prepare your garden and which plants to plant depending on the space.

Weeding and renovating the soil

We know this can be the most tedious task, but getting rid of weeds in your garden is the first step. You can do this naturally and with a product, the most important thing is to pull them out making sure there are no roots left.

Also, if you have trees or plants that need pruning, it is important that you do this beforehand so that you can collect the dry leaves, branches and pruning debris.

Check the soil and space to prepare your garden.

Once the weeds and dry leaves have been removed, the important thing to do to keep the garden in good condition is to remove all the soil to make sure that there are no remains of the roots of the weeds and previous plants.

The other point is to know the characteristics of the space; whether it is humid and with little light or, on the contrary, a sunny space with a dry climate.

So, once you have made a brief study of the climatology of your garden, you can start thinking about what plants you can plant in your garden.

Proposals for plants and trees for your garden

Let’s start with some suggestions for plants and trees that need sun and water and can add a touch of colour to your garden.

  • Roses: These are plants that flower best in direct sunlight and need regular watering.
  • Geraniums: These colourful, hardy plants thrive with plenty of sun and frequent watering.
  • Lavender: This aromatic plant prefers full sun and slightly dry soil.
  • Cherry tomatoes: These are plants that require sun to produce tasty fruit and need regular watering.

In case your garden is large and you can plant trees, these are the most resistant to dry and hot soil.

  • Fan Palm (Washingtonia): A fast growing tree that prefers full sun and needs regular watering.
  • Cypress (Cupressus): Many varieties of cypress thrive in full sun and require moderate watering.
  • Orange and lemon trees: Orange and lemon trees need direct sun exposure to produce sweet fruits and require regular watering.

In case your garden is oriented in such a way that it has few hours of sunshine, we suggest the following plants and trees:

  • Laurel: it is ideal because it is easy to grow and will also be useful for making delicious recipes.
  • Raspberries or arbutus cherry: apart from adding a touch of colour, they are shrubs that do not need too much care.
  • The fern: it can grow quickly and will fill your garden with green.

Installation of drip irrigation

To take perfect care of your garden you need time and water. Therefore, as time flies by and water is a scarce commodity, our proposal is to install a drip irrigation system.

It is also one of the fundamental requirements if you are considering an easy way to maintain your garden. 

It is also a guarantee of maximum water efficiency. Thanks to an irrigation system you will be able to minimise unnecessary water losses. A localised drip irrigation system will provide the plants with the minimum water needs required for their development.

Fertilising if your garden needs it

Apart from water, plants and trees also need fertiliser to strengthen their roots, stems and leaves.

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