How to maintain a second home

April 1, 2021

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Whether you have a second home on the beach or in the mountains, try the following tips for optimal maintenance of the property so that it is always ready for a visit.

Tips for good maintenance of a second home

> Finding the home in good condition always means that the last time you were there, you left it in good condition. This is the key point to always find it perfect every time you come back.

> Avoid damp. One of the main problems of having a house closed for a long time is the appearance of damp. Trying to ventilate the house from time to time can save a lot of work, as damp is very difficult to eliminate. 

> Wash textiles. Curtains, carpets and sheets tend to accumulate a lot of damp and dust, and they are also the first to give off the characteristic “closed” smell. Carpets are not recommended for second homes, as they are very difficult to clean.

> Choose furniture that is easy to clean. Try not to have too many objects so that you can do a quick and thorough cleaning of the home when you arrive. Minimalist style in decoration is in fashion!

> If you foresee that you will not be able to go to your second home for a long time, it is advisable to hire a cleaning service that comes on a regular basis. This is the best way to keep your home in good condition. 

> When you leave, remember to turn off the electricity and water. Also leave everything clean (especially the bathrooms and kitchen), do not leave food in the kitchen and leave the fridge with the door open to avoid damp. 

Tips for saving on the maintenance of a second home

According to the OCU, maintaining a second home costs approximately €1,800 per year. How can we minimise this figure?

> Reduce energy costs. With small actions such as unplugging electrical appliances, changing the lighting and replacing traditional light bulbs with low-energy bulbs, or opting for high-energy class electrical appliances. 

> Investing in a good electric water heater. These allow us to be environmentally friendly and reduce our utility bills.

> Make the property profitable. If you do not want to stay there all year round, you can take advantage of this and rent out the house to obtain additional income.

General advice

> Invest in a home automation system that allows you to control the different appliances from a distance. Imagine arriving in the middle of winter and finding your home warm, it allows for greater comfort and quality of life.

> Install a security system to avoid worries. A house that has been closed for a long time can be targeted by a burglar. If you have valuables in your second home, it is advisable to contract a security system to ensure peace of mind all year round.

> Have an annual check-up. It is advisable to carry out a general check-up once a year to detect possible flaws and breakdowns. If you detect them in time, it may be easier and less expensive to fix them. 

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