How to decorate your home this spring – summer 2022

April 19, 2022

Closer to nature

If you want to redecorate your home this year to make it trendy, you should look for inspiration on the other side of the walls. It is the perfect time to incorporate plants, especially during spring, when they are at their most splendorous. This way we also get to provide a more cheerful, clean and energetic touch to our home. 

Plants and flowers are classic symbols of spring, that’s why they can’t be missing in your home. Choose your favorite plants and enjoy watching them grow and giving your home that fresh feeling.

In line with the above, the choice of materials also helps us to get in touch with nature. Dare with materials such as natural stones (marble, graphite) and natural wood (rattan and bamboo) that bring us closer to craftsmanship and give your home that fresh, natural and cozy look. You can use these materials in furniture or decorative accessories (especially in those restored, as they provide a lot of character to any home).

Neutral and light spaces

This year we are looking for simplicity, functional spaces where each room is as practical as possible. Saturated spaces have become enemies of our well-being, so minimalism is gaining more and more strength.

The goal is a space where nothing is missing, but nothing is over, where everything has its function: curtains, sliding or transparent doors, open kitchens or dining rooms, taking care of the lighting, etc. 


A house with luminous and neutral colors

Vibrant colors are back this season: oranges, yellows and blues. Bright and attractive tones become big winners for those corners where you really need to relax.

Shades that look great during the warmer months and warm up the atmosphere during the colder ones. Combined with whites, grays or beiges, they become a timeless palette and easy to combine with furniture with fine lines and light woods. 

You can also use them in the form of wallpaper or textiles to give them a different touch and avoid getting tired of them. 


Decoration with handcrafted objects

Natural fibers and handmade pieces are also being seen a lot this spring. If you want to boast a very spring and trendy home, mix traditional objects with classic or designer pieces. 

And the sustainable decoration is hitting very hard. Craftsmanship also gives us highly decorative pieces that we can hang anywhere in the house; from a vase, to a tapestry made with wool to hang on the wall. Handmade things convey emotions and feelings, and we definitely like that a lot.

Outdoor applications are taken

If your home has a terrace or small balcony, with a little idea you can make the most of it. The first and most important thing is to keep in mind its size. Sofas, hammocks and folding chairs are the protagonists to start giving life to your outdoor corner. We can also take advantage of the railing to hang some light planters and get back to a more natural look.

The key is to use furniture that is flexible, easy to maintain and the right size.


Some of these trends invite us to change our home from top to bottom; others, on the other hand, assure us that, with a few small changes, we can be trendy again. All of them can be a great starting point to find out what we want, what we need and if it is time to make a big change in our lives.

In Espígul we have a professional team of interior designers that will give that special touch and design to your home, without you having to worry about anything and you can enjoy what is really important. For more information, contact us. 

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