How to create brighter spaces in your home?

March 24, 2022

How can we illuminate a place with natural light or make the space brighter?

It is likely that you have spaces that already have a lot of natural light, but this can be enhanced. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  • Distribution of the space: you have to take into account the furniture in the space, how they are placed and distributed. For example, you have to avoid tall and/or large furniture in front of the windows, since they block natural light. They can be placed to the side or below them, assuming there is space, to take advantage of the clarity and space.
  • Glass doors and walls: it is very important that light reaches everywhere, so a good way to achieve this is to change the conventional doors and walls for glass ones. In this way, if there are less illuminated spaces, such as corridors, the light will be able to flow. You also have to take into account its movement. A folding or folding wall can be made so that two separate spaces can be converted into an open and diaphanous space.
  • Colors: another very relevant point is the colors. Depending on the colors that are used, the light will be distributed more in the space and will transmit some sensations or others.
  • Awnings: these are an obstacle to the light that enters through the window, so the best option is to eliminate them, at least in winter or when they are not needed. 

How to provide light in a house without windows or with little light?

On the other hand, if you have a dark house or corner, there are other tips that can work to enhance brightness.

  • Mirrors: they are one of the best allies, since if they are placed in strategic places, they help to carry and distribute the light. They also increase the sensation of light and help to create a visual effect of spaciousness. You can make use of mirrors in the form of windows and place them in the place of these. Thus, it gives the sensation that they are real windows, since they have the same function: to provide light.
  • Colors: the best colors in dark spaces are satin colors, because they bounce the light and illuminate. Painting ceilings, beams, cabinets, walls, window frames… white, will help to increase the sensation of luminosity. The same goes for floor colors, the lighter the better. If you have a dark floor and you cannot paint it, another very simple option is to cover it with a carpet.
  • Furniture: we cannot go overboard with the furniture, we must be minimalist. It is better to choose plain furniture or without too many shapes, so as not to create shadows.
  • Lighting: candles, lamps with little body, lamps in strategic and dark places… When buying artificial light, dimmed lights must be taken into account, because they help to soften the atmosphere during the night. It is important to avoid having large shadow points.
  • Open spaces: whether you are building a house from scratch or renovating it, you can keep open spaces to encourage light traffic.

How to create spaces with visual harmony? 

To create harmonious spaces, order must be taken into account. When everything is in its place, the space brings tranquility, calm and carefree. Some factors to take into account are:

  • Curtains: it is very important that, once collected, they do not cover the window and can rest next to it, letting the outside light come in. To be able to do this, a rod longer than the window will have to be placed to obtain this extra space. It is crucial to take into account the function that the curtain will have in order to choose the most suitable material. To block out harsh light or glare, you can use a translucent fabric that protects from the sun, but allows light to enter. The best materials to use are linen or thread.
  • Blinds: they have the same function as curtains, but instead of being gathered at the sides, they are gathered at the top. Depending on the space available, they can be a good option.
  • Colors: apart from white, mentioned above, you can also take into account other tones such as yellow, cream, natural tones… that provide warmth. Also, you can consider gray, the lighter the better, or gold to bring elegance. Both colors combine very well with white.

In Espígul, we take into account all these factors. We are specialists in building efficient, sustainable houses with large openings. The latter are the main protagonists of our constructions, since they help us to take advantage of the natural light coming from the outside.

On the other hand, we have a team of interior designers who can help you choose the materials that best suit your home, to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

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