How to create a home office to telework

September 14, 2023

oficina casa teletreball

We can already say that telework has become a fundamental part of our working lives. Having a well-organized and functional home office is essential to increase productivity and maintain a balance between work and personal life.

That’s why if you don’t already have a space at home to telework, today we share the key tips to create the perfect home office that will allow you to telework more efficiently.

What do you need to create a home office?

Below we detail the key tips to convert a home space in your office to telework.

Pick the right place.

The first thing to consider is the location of your home office. Look for a quiet place away from everyday distractions. A quiet corner of your home can be perfect for this. Make sure there is enough natural light and the space is well ventilated.

What furniture do you need?

Furniture is essential for your home office. Invest in a good ergonomic chair and a comfortable desk. This will help you maintain a proper posture and avoid long-term health problems. Organize your space so that all your essentials are at hand. Organization is also very important. Keep your space clean and tidy. Use organizers and shelves to maximize storage space.

Customizing your space:

Incorporate personal touches to turn the space into an office look to your liking. Paintings, plants and other decorative elements can make the space more welcoming. If you’re looking for inspiration for decorating your home office, you can browse decorating magazines, online blogs or visit furniture stores. The decoration will help you identify the space as an office and a place to work.


Make sure you have a good Internet connection and all the necessary devices for your work. We recommend some kind of cable entry to prevent the cables from looking over the desk, as this generates “visual disorder”, as well as occupying a vital space for other things.

Additional tips for teleworking

  • Setting a work schedule is crucial to maintaining productivity. Define a schedule that suits your needs and follow that schedule consistently. This will help you separate working time from personal time. Ah, and take breaks!

  • Have organized material and important documents in filing cabinets or drawers, so that they are not lost or that no one else in the family can confuse them.

  • If your space is small you can request a custom design project for interior design, as there are multiple options with folding table or separate spaces with sliding doors or shelves. Espígul has an interior design and decoration team that can offer you optimized design solutions to your space.

Creating a home office for teleworking is essential today. Choose a suitable place, invest in quality furniture, set schedules and maintain the organization. With these tips, you can improve your productivity and enjoy a comfortable working environment at home.

If you are looking for more ideas and tips on how to create a home office contact our interior design and decoration team.

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