How do I register for the internet in a new house?

April 27, 2023

It is normal that if you have never had to contract internet in a home, many doubts arise about how to do it or, at least, about what is best for you. The first thing you have to know is that you will need to start these procedures at least one month in advance if you want to have this service available in your home from the first day you live there.

What you need to hire internet

In order to install internet at home, it is necessary that you meet the occasional requirement imposed by the companies, although it is true that today this management will not take you too much time and effort, since the procedures to do so have been greatly simplified over the years, and currently it is a process that will only take a few minutes.

However, the company that you have chosen to offer you this service will ask you for some requirements that you must meet so that it can proceed with said installation, these are:

  1. The location where your new home is located must be accessible so that they can carry out the installation without problems
  2. You must be an individual or a company
  3. You need to have a bank account in which you can pay the bills for the service
  4. The area in which your home is located must have internet coverage

When you have ensured that your area has coverage, your company will ask you to provide other personal data so that it can formalize the contract.

How much does it cost to install the internet at home?

When you contract the internet for the first time, in addition to having to pay the monthly rate you have chosen, you will also have to assume another series of additional costs at the beginning of formalizing the contract for the provision of internet service.

The first payment that you will have to keep in mind is that of the rate that you have contracted, in this situation it is best that you take some time to compare which is the best fiber and mobile offer that the companies have available and analyze the different prices of each and what they offer.

Once you have decided this and contact the company to hire the rate that interests you the most, you should also keep these expenses in mind:

  1. Your monthly fee
  2. The fee for registering with the company
  3. The cost involved in the installation: when you install Wi-Fi in your home, this entails a series of expenses that increase the price of the bill. This expense will depend on the type of technology you have contracted (ADSL, fiber optics, 4G or satellite internet).
  4. Line fee
  5. The cost of the equipment you will need
  6. The shipping costs of said equipment (ranging between 5 and 12 euros)

If you want to avoid the costs of installation and equipment, you can often agree with the companies to sign a permanence contract – in case the rate you have contracted does not have it – for about three to twelve months.

The registration fee will only be charged by some companies, since it is generally free, but since some operators continue to charge it, you should keep this in mind. The line fee is usually included in the monthly price, and the cost of shipping the equipment will only be charged if they have to send a router to your home or a SIM card, although it is also true that in many companies this is no longer charged.

Ideally, before contracting internet for your home, is that before choosing the rate, read carefully the fine print of those that interest you to find out what their conditions are, so you will be clear from the first moment what you will have to pay.

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