Homefullness: the pleasure of arriving home

December 15, 2021

Homefullness. I’m sure you’ve never heard it before, neither in Spanish nor in Catalan, because it doesn’t translate literally. This is the word that defines the feeling of pleasure on returning home. It’s a word that the writer Tiffany Watt Smith includes in her book The book of human emotions. According to the author, it is “a word that combines a sense of relief with a feeling of belonging”. 

Homefullness helps us to live with less stress and to manage our emotions better. The concept is based on the fact that if we are mindful of our daily routines and tasks, and transform them into rituals that encourage calmness or enjoyment, we will lead a fuller and happier life.

Homefullness can also be achieved through decoration. To make your home an experience of disconnection, as homefullness says, you can opt for a relaxing colour palette, place pleasant fabrics, keep order in the bedroom, put different fragrances in the rooms…

At Immobiliaria Espígul we have a team of interior designers who can help you turn your home into a welcoming space that enhances serenity and beauty. At Espígul we always say that our home is a reflection of our personality. That is why our interior design team will make you a personalized proposal to achieve a unique home.


Order and cleanliness

To begin with, order and cleanliness are essential. Imagine coming home and seeing the bed unmade, the dishes unwashed, and the dining room in disarray. The first thing we would want to do is leave again. That is why it is very important to maintain a minimum of order in all rooms. The key is to always leave the house the way you want to find it.

Simple decoration style

Cluttering spaces is not a very good idea to transmit relaxation when entering the house. Visual cleanliness is crucial to achieve this feeling of pleasure when you get home. A good tip is to practice it in the first room we see when we open the front door: the entrance hall.

Round shapes

It is a good idea to opt for this type of line when decorating different rooms in our home. Tables and sofas with rounded shapes bring calmness to the rooms, and it is just what we need when we are looking for a sense of homefullness. 

A very natural home

We’ve talked about the benefits of having plants in the home in interior publications such as this one and this one. Plants bring vitality to any room and the colour green transports us to nature. Having plants at home is a good decision for those who want to live in a pleasant and more peaceful environment.

By natural we also refer to the materials we use in furniture and decoration such as wood, esparto grass, jute… and in textiles such as linen and cotton. 


Images and aromas are stimuli that activate our memory. That’s why you can fill your home with special memories that make you feel at home. They can be images, photographs of someone or somewhere special, figures from a trip…

As we mentioned before, using different fragrances in the rooms will generate a different and special symbolism in each of them.

Whether you want to give your home a facelift, or if you are moving house and have to start from scratch, Espígul’s team of interior designers can help you achieve the home you have always dreamed of. Stay tuned to Espígul, we will soon be launching our new interior design website!

If you want more information about our interior design service in Girona and Barcelona, contact us at hola@espigul.com or call us on 972 220 110.

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