Goodbye 2021. Hello, 2022.

December 30, 2021

  • This year we would like to thank Gerard, Júlia and Ana, thanks to Néstor, thanks to Francina, thanks to Javi and Mònica… many thanks to all of you who have trusted us: families, couples, singles, investors, students… to find what from now on will be your new home.

If we make a quick review of the year:

More than 200 sales and 225 rentals.

At Espígul we are a real estate agency with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. If you are looking for a new home or if you have a flat and want to rent it, we will accompany you and make the process as quick and easy as possible.

New building projects

This year we have been working on several new building projects. Some that we have already finished, such as the new Montilivi,1 project, and others that will continue throughout 2022.

This year we have worked on new building projects in Girona such as:

  • Francesc Rogés, a project of 16 magnificent homes of all sizes located in La Devesa, which is very probably the best residential neighbourhood closest to the centre of Girona.
  • Montilivi, 1. New development at the beginning of Lluís Pericot Avenue and Montilivi Avenue in Girona. Enjoy a fantastic location just a stone’s throw from the Old Quarter and in a residential area with all the services at your fingertips.

Also projects of houses and flats of new construction in the surroundings of Girona:

Houses in Vilablareix

New build flats with terrace in Sant Gregori

New build flats in Fornells de la Selva

New build flats in Can Gruart de Vilablareix

Semi-detached houses in Sant Gregori

Houses in Fornells de la Selva

And we have opened borders with two new promotions: one in Cerdanya, houses in Bolvir and the other in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Abeja, 46.

A great team behind

In Espígul we are a great team formed by more than 40 professionals that reach different sectors within the world of construction and real estate.

  • Real estate advisors. From the very first moment, we assign you a personal advisor who will guide you through the process of selling and/or buying your property and who will work exclusively for you, so that you can enjoy your time and not have to worry about anything.
  • Technical office. From the initial idea to the handover of the keys. Architects who will help you with their creativity and bring ideas and innovation to your project. Quantity surveyors who will translate this personal project into work, who will advise you on the choice of materials and ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely. Interior designers who will give that special design touch to your new home. A whole management and control team that makes construction child’s play, all with the guarantee of a brand with a long history, Inmobiliaria Espígul.
  • Management and consultancy. We offer professional services in accounting and finance that will make all the necessary steps when buying, selling or renting a property child’s play. From processing mortgages to dealing with the Land Registry. All this following our philosophy that you do not have to worry about anything and you can enjoy what is really important.

+1,000 posts on Instagram with 15,000 followers.

On our Instagram profile @immoespigul we share Espígul’s day-to-day life: previews of new build projects, the office, the team, delivery of new homes… Follow us so you don’t miss any of our adventures!

From Espígul Real Estate we wish you a year full of health, good humour and lots of happiness! Happy new year 2022!

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