Espígul Real Estate closes 2023 successfully and looks forward to 2024 with optimism

December 29, 2023

immobiliaria espigul

This 2023 has been an exceptional year for Espígul Real Estate. We have consolidated its presence in the real estate market with outstanding results in sales and rentals. With the arrival of 2024, the company is ready to face new challenges and continue offering its customers quality services.

Sales and rental results  

Espígul Real Estate has experienced a very good evolution in home sales during 2023. This success is due to the combination of a broad portfolio of properties, a professional and dedicated team, and an effective market strategy. Espígul Real Estate properties have become attractive options for those looking for a new home or real estate investment.

In terms of rents, the company has maintained a high occupancy rate, reflecting the growing demand for quality housing. The owners rely on Espígul Real Estate to manage their properties and ensure an efficient, safe and advantageous rental.


Espígul Real Estate stands out as a benchmark in the implementation of sustainable practices both in its offices and in the buildings it develops. With a firm commitment to the environment, the company has incorporated green and efficient technologies in its offices, reducing the ecological footprint and optimizing the use of renewable energy.

In addition, in its buildings, Espígul Real Estate integrates eco-efficient designs and sustainable materials, prioritizing the conservation of natural resources. This holistic approach reflects their vision of leadership in promoting responsible and planet-friendly real estate.

Innovation and technology at customer service

Espígul Real Estate has been at the forefront of innovation and technology in the real estate sector. The use of online platforms, virtual reality and other technological tools has significantly improved the customer experience. Customers can explore properties virtually, facilitating the decision-making process.  

In addition, the company has implemented effective management systems with the help of artificial intelligence that streamline transactions and improve communication with customers. This commitment to technology has contributed to the consolidation of Espígul Real Estate’s reputation as a modern and customer-oriented company.

Commitment to the local community

Espígul Real Estate stands out not only for its commercial achievements, but also for its commitment to the local community. The company has actively participated in community initiatives, supporting cultural projects and local events. This involvement demonstrates Espígul Real Estate’s commitment to sustainable development and community welfare. In addition, the commitment to local suppliers strengthens the fabric of Girona’s SMEs.

Outlook for 2024

With a solid foundation and an established reputation, Espígul Real Estate faces the highest goals by 2024. The company aims to expand its area of influence, explore new market areas and continue to improve its services with the latest technologies available. Clients can be sure that Espígul Real Estate will remain the reliable and innovative option in the real estate world of Girona, Costa Brava and Sant Cugat del Vallès.

New promotions 2024

This new year will bring us new developments of flats and houses throughout the territory:

  • Girona
    • Montilivi
    • Domeny
    • Camiral Resort (PGA)
  • Costa Brava
    • Platja d’Aro
    • Sant Antoni de Calonge
    • Calella de Palafrugell
  • Barcelona
    • Sant Cugat del Vallès
    • Valldoreix
  • Andorra
    • Canillo

With a successful 2023 as a foundation, Espígul Real Estate looks to the future with confidence and determination. 2024 promises to be a bright year, full of new opportunities and achievements for this outstanding real estate company.

We are very grateful to our dear clients for the trust in Espígul Real Estate during 2023. Your choice is our best reward. We look forward to remaining part of your projects next year.

Thank you for being the success of our story.

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