Discover the 5 indisputable advantages of buying a home

August 13, 2020

Often before making a decision you have to put on the table priorities and budget to know where to focus the search to find the most suitable home for you.

At Espigul Real Estate we know first hand that the process of buying a flat or a house is often a difficult time and sometimes it can even involve some headaches. But our priority is that you can enjoy the whole process, until you find your new home.

House or flat. House or flat. House or flat. You can leave the decision to chance while you rip the petals off a daisy or you can continue reading this post and learn about all the advantages of living in a house and determine the best choice.


One of the main advantages of buying a house is the possibility of building and expanding the space of the house to your liking. The houses are usually on plots with more surface and therefore you can take advantage of the possibilities it offers depending on your needs. 

Also, the common spaces that usually exist in a block of flats such as storage rooms and garages are your own and do not have to be converted with these neighbours. 

The valuable tranquility

The houses are usually located in areas far from the city centre. The environment is usually much quieter, ideal for families with children who want to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Also, living in a house offers an independence and privacy that a flat can never give you. Living in a flat is always conditioned by the neighbours and the noises of the street, two aspects that can sometimes be unpleasant.


Many houses have two key elements: garden and/or pool. Due to the situation experienced with the COVID-19 we are sure that they have become a priority for many families. Having your own space where you can live in the open air represents a quality of life that a flat cannot provide.

Buying a house with a garden and pool, if your budget allows it, is one of the best options on the market today.

The paradise for your pet

Animals are grateful to have space to run and jump. Especially when you have large dogs, it is convenient that they can have this outside area and not be enclosed in four walls.


The freedom to choose the colour of the facade, whether to put up a canopy or a pergola, or simply the freedom to be able to have a barbecue with your clothes hanging out (with its consequences, of course). Ah, important, you also save on expenses and community meetings.

When you buy a house, all the decisions are up to you, so you can choose what suits you best according to your tastes, needs and budget.

Clearly there are other factors that determine the purchase of a home but usually buying a home is a permanent decision, so you have to think about it calmly and review all the options before taking the big step.

At Espígul we have a wide variety of houses for sale in Girona and the surrounding area. We are a real estate and construction company and therefore we have houses already built and ready to move in, houses to be renovated and also new houses that allow you to customize the finishes. 

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