Christmas decoration styles

December 9, 2021

5 trends in Christmas decoration

1. In full colour

Intense colours are back. You can opt for traditional colours such as green and red or try new combinations such as lilacs, pinks and blues. But always in bright and vibrant tones that bring life and joy.

2. Natural

This is the most sustainable trend, as it is about getting rid of all single-use plastic decorative elements. Materials such as wood, wool, linen and felt are used, always in light, natural colours. Also natural branches of fir, eucalyptus, pine cones… The DIT, do it yourself, will be a great ally to make the different decorations yourself. 

3. White

If you want to opt for a minimalist, elegant and less ostentatious style, this is the colour for you.

4. Metallics

Objects in copper, gold or silver are classics. A plus: if you want to achieve an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, try mixing gold and silver elements.

5. Traditional

Traditional, warm and cosy Christmas decorations are timeless. Reconnect with our roots to enjoy a magical Christmas season.

What you can’t miss in your Christmas decorations

  • Take care of all the details. It is a good time to decorate small details that are usually overlooked: the backs of chairs, rings and napkins with Christmas motifs, the windows…
  • Don’t forget any room. You can choose to put most of the decoration in one room, the dining room is a good option, but you can also put small Christmas details in the other rooms such as the bedrooms or the kitchen. This way the whole home will have a Christmassy feel without feeling overloaded.
  • Lighting. With candles, strips of light, glass pots… any option is good when it comes to lights. You can choose to use different formats and place them in different parts of the home. When you have them all lit up, it will be quite a spectacle!

Christmas decorating mistakes you shouldn’t make

  • In the right measure. Finding the perfect balance in decorating is tricky. You have to know when it’s too sparse or, on the contrary, when there is a saturation of decoration.
  • Don’t give importance to the table decoration. The table is the main gathering point these days and deserves special attention. Take advantage and put one or several centrepieces depending on the length of the table and put a mini detail on each plate, it will be an impressive table. 
  • Forget the entrance. It is the first thing that all the guests see when they enter your home. 
  • Mix styles. To avoid your house looking like a decoration shop and to achieve visual uniformity in all the rooms, we recommend that you choose one colour and use it as the main colour in most of the decoration. 

3 decorating styles that won’t stay put:

  • Pastel colours. Last year they triumphed, blue, pink, green pastel colours were seen in all kinds of decorative objects.
  • Themed Christmas trees: they were the most famous last year. Trees decorated with pendants of a single theme and very extreme, this year we say goodbye to them and opt for something more traditional.
  • Minimalism: minimalist decoration is a thing of the past and abundant decoration is back in its maximum expression. 

From Inmobiliaria Espígul we hope that with these ideas you will have a beautiful Christmas home and that you will be able to enjoy this Christmas with the people you love the most.

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