Checklist: everything you need to consider to prepare your home for summer

July 1, 2021

Freshen up the house

When the heat arrives it is always unexpected and spending long hours at home becomes quite unbearable. Discomfort sets in during the evening, if you don’t have a terrace, garden or balcony to dine outside.

Maintaining a cool temperature at home during the summer is essential to be comfortable. How can you achieve this?

  • Use the morning or evening to leave the windows and doors of the home open, to let air circulate between rooms and cool the entire flat or house.
  • Limit hot spots. We advise you to turn off all electrical appliances such as computers, televisions and radios that you do not use. It is no good leaving them on standby or switched on, as even if they are not active, they are always sources of electrical heat that help to heat up the rooms.
  • Closing the windows and lowering the blinds during the central hours of the day is an essential technique to prevent heat from entering the house.

Summer decoration and a furnished terrace

There are three key elements to a good terrace: textiles, lighting and plants. These will help you to decorate the terrace and make it more welcoming and pleasant.

  • Textiles are essential in a terrace, we are talking about cushions, mattresses, carpets… They have to be resistant to humidity, sun rays and also easy to clean.
  • Good lighting will give a special touch to the terrace. It has to have two objectives: decorative and functional.
  • Add colour with natural elements such as plants and flowers. They give a lot of life and you can place them in many different ways.

If you do not yet have a flat with a terrace and you are considering the option of buying or renting a property that has one, at Espígul Real Estate we have a wide variety of properties in Girona and the surrounding area that adapt to your needs.

Swimming pool ready

Having a swimming pool is a great responsibility. It is important to be aware that the water in swimming pools is stagnant and is therefore an ideal scenario for germs or algae to appear. There are also external factors such as the sun, sweat and sun cream that favour the production of these bacteria and algae.

The pool not only has to look clean, it has to be really clean, therefore it is essential to carry out a good maintenance which is based on: using a suitable filter, having an efficient pump and using a correct disinfection.

This maintenance can be done manually or with the help of automatic disinfection and regulation systems that ensure the perfect dosage to maintain the best water quality. You can carry out these procedures yourself or leave them in the hands of professionals.

Are you considering building a swimming pool but are still not 100% sure? Here are 5 good reasons to have a pool at home:

  • It is one of the best ways to beat the heat.
  • You will have guaranteed moments of fun and relaxation
  • You will be able to enjoy it as and when you want
  • A new meeting point for family and friends
  • Your home will have more value

Be careful if you go on holiday

Summer is here and with it comes the long-awaited holidays. It is normal to take a trip or go away from your usual place of residence for a few days to disconnect from the routine. Leaving the house alone means having to think about certain aspects so that you don’t have any scares during your getaway.

  • Lock your windows and doors
  • Turn off the water and gas taps
  • Leave the house clean and tidy
  • Unplug small electronic devices
  • Leave the fridge empty and the rubbish bins clean.

If you don’t want to miss anything and have everything under control when you go on holiday, don’t miss this post!

By following all these tips, you will make the most of all the possibilities your home has to offer. 

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