Advices to achieve a sustainable home

January 17, 2019

There are a series of small actions that can be undertaken in a home to be as sustainable as possible. Normally, the houses, flats and apartments in which we resided were not considered at the time as environments that respect the environment. Therefore, we will see how with simple modifications we can turn these spaces into comfortable, functional and sustainable environments.


Bet on photovoltaic panels. By being part of the collective of renewable energies they are totally respectful with the environment and allow to maintain the energy of a house without problems. Contrary to what may seem, they are not as expensive as in the beginning, and more and more households incorporate them.

Create your own urban garden. If you have a small space you can grow your own food. The self-consumption of natural, economic and environmentally friendly products is encouraged in this way.

Double flush toilet cistern. With it, water consumption is reduced by up to 50% compared to traditional water.

Appliances A ++. The A ++ energy rating is the maximum in the market. More and more appliances are carrying it, which means that they are capable of performing their function using the minimum amount of energy possible. Although at first they may be more expensive, their reduction in electricity consumption amortizes them in the long run.

Isolation in doors and windows. The sealing of the joints or the use of double windows achieve enormous savings in heating. The initial cost of this change is noticeably significant, but it entails a comfort in full house at any time of the year.

Good practices at home efficiently reduce the impact on the environment. It is something that is available to everyone, you just have to know how to do it.

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