Advantatges of having a private parking

October 6, 2022

Parking is not an easy task, especially during rush hour and in cities where there are fewer and fewer places available to park, as the City Councils are betting more and more on bicycles and public transport, thus reducing the number of free spaces.

For this reason, the purchase of a private car park is a good investment full of advantages:

– Vehicle condition: 

When a vehicle is parked outside, it is directly affected by the weather conditions affecting its condition and maintenance .

– Security: 

Parking your vehicle in a private garage greatly reduces the chances of it being stolen and also the chances of it being damaged while parked.

– Saving time and petrol: 

Forget going round and round, you arrive, park and go home, with the saving in petrol that means not having to look for parking and the reduction of the environmental impact.

– More liquid asset:

It is easier to sell a garage than a flat or a house, so the risk of having some fixed money is considerably reduced. 

– Increase in the value of your home:

If you have a flat with a garage, this will increase the value of your home, both economically and conceptually, in other words, a home with more amenities is better.

– Cheaper insurance:

If the car “sleeps” in a garage, the policy to be paid is cheaper, as the risk of the car being stolen or damaged is considerably reduced. 

Buying a vehicle is already a significant financial investment, which is why we must take care of this investment and the best way to do this without a doubt is by parking the car in a garage, whether bought or rented.

At our real estate agency we have a wide portfolio of garage spaces, if you are interested in buying and/or renting one, contact us.

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