Advantages to buy over flat

April 11, 2019

The purchase on layout contributes big advantages, therefore that has returned like a possibility for the investors or for persons that wants to buy a house. If you are thinking at acquiring a dwelling this dream some of the reasons for which recommend you value the new work:

  • Lower costs: acquire a real estate at first phase of building can lower the final cost until a 15% and eschew the excessive increments that accrue every year at consequence of the demand of the market.


  • Major flexibility of financing: one of the most interesting advantages is the flexibility at the payment, since can pay at comfortable quotas during the process of the building.


  • For inversion and/or profitability: buying a flat or a house under construction are realising an inversion of future, at the moment of the purchase the real estate acquires the ongoing price but at the next years could sell it at a superior price at the initial.


  • Possibility to elect the house that love: possibility to elect the best dwellings with the characteristics that more suit you.


  • Customise the design: the purchase on layout permits it personalitzation of the project during the process of building, at regarding layouts, finishes, materials, etc. according to the necessities that have.


At present at Espígul Real estate, have of two fantastic promotions of new work at Montilivi 1 and Francesc Rogés 7. For more information, only have to acostar-tea at our offices and our commercial advisors inform you. Or through our website

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