7 tips for enjoying your home in winter

November 10, 2022

The coldness and very low thermometers can play a trick on us, since they not only affect us, but can also affect buildings and facilities, letting heat escape on many occasions and generating a sensation of cold, humidity and discomfort at home.

In addition, we cannot ignore that during this time weather phenomena such as rain, snow or ice can also cause added problems to our home.

Well then, if what you want is to spend a calm and warm winter in your home, now is the time to carry out a start-up in order to optimize all the resources and detect everything that may not work correctly, in this way you will have time to repair it before the cold arrives.

In today’s post, therefore, we detail the 7 definitive tips to prepare your home for this winter:

1. Doors and windows

Check all contacts with the outside, doors and windows, they are entry points for air that can make it leave the heat. Check your condition and insulation.

2. Gutters, pipes and swimming pool

If you live in a house, it is convenient to clean the gutters and drainage pipes so that they do not get clogged with leaves, the ground or some other element. And if you have a pool, don’t forget that it requires special maintenance during this time of year.

3. Radiators and heating system

If you have radiators, it is time to bleed them to empty them of the air that may have accumulated these months in disuse and so when you have to turn them on make sure that they will work at full capacity.

If you do not have heating, clean and check your electric stoves.

4. Carpets and curtains

It is time to recover the carpets that you took out in summer, since they are a great ally to maintain thermal comfort in the home. Bet on thermal curtains if you live in very cold areas.

5. Take advantage of the sunny hours

During the day, if your windows let in the sunlight, take advantage of it and don’t let anything cover the entrance to the oldest heat source that exists and at zero cost. Once it starts to get dark, remember to lower the blinds and cover the windows with thick curtains to isolate the spaces as much as possible.

6. Change the direction of the fans

If you have ceiling fans in your home, a great option during the summer months, in winter they can also be of great help since if you change the direction they can circulate warm air through the room.

7. Wrap yourself up

It seems obvious, but how many of you wear short sleeves at home in winter because the heating is too high? Bundle up and keep your heating at 20-21°C during the day and 15-17°C at night, this will increase the energy efficiency of your home and see your bill decrease at the end of the month.

We hope that with these simple tips you can prepare your home and fully enjoy the winter season.

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