6 practical tips to visually enlarge any space

July 30, 2021

We could tell you that making a change to a larger home can be the definitive solution. At Inmobiliaria Espígul we have a large portfolio of properties in Girona and the surrounding area and, if none of them fit the one you are looking for, we can make it to measure for you with Cases Espígul.

Also, we know that this solution is often not the solution in the short term because for various reasons it is not possible to make a change of flat and housing. That is why in today’s post we talk about how, through decoration, we can make our space seem much more spacious than it really is.

6 practical tips to visually enlarge any space proposed by our interior design team at Immobiliaria Espígul.

1. Make it look bigger thanks to furniture

Furniture is a great ally when it comes to amplifying or diminishing the feeling of space in a room. How can we make furniture help us to make a room feel larger?

  • Providing scale

It’s clear that small spaces mean small furniture, right? If you see a piece of furniture wedged between two walls with no space on the top or sides, it gives the impression that it’s too big and the space is too small.

  • It’s all a question of proportion.

You have to achieve a balance between the furnished space and the free space. To achieve this, it is essential to measure all furniture before you buy it and assess whether there will be enough space.

  • Keep a low profile

Furniture with a low profile creates a feeling of more amplitude by the simple fact that it has a lot of space at the top. Opt for furniture that follows this line.

  • Small legs and light furniture

The more of the floor you can see, the more feeling of spaciousness you will have. Forget about large and ostentatious furniture and opt for light furniture (in size and materials).

2. Mirrors are your allies

This is one of the simplest and most economical tips to give more space to a room. Mirrors not only reflect light, they also reflect the view, deceiving the eye and making you think there is more space than there really is.

The interior designers Espígul propose some more recommendations for choosing mirrors:

In hallways and bedrooms, large round mirrors or full-length mirrors to increase depth.

Choose mirrors with small frames, as they visually appear to take up less space and give the impression that the wall is freer. 

In the dining room, choose to place the mirror on a piece of furniture and have it slightly inclined, and if it can be facing outwards, you will also multiply the light in the room. 

3. Choose light colours as a base

Colours play a fundamental role in the spaciousness of a room. Light colours, in particular white, are the most recommended. White has the gift of reflecting light: it creates a feeling of spaciousness, cooler and lighter spaces as well as calm and serene.

If you paint the walls and ceiling in the same colour, you will maximise this optical effect. If you are afraid that the house may appear cold, you can counteract this by using warm materials such as wood or natural fibre textures.

4. Enhance natural light

Light is fundamental to the perception of the room and, combined with light colours and a good arrangement of furniture, can help to create a visually spacious atmosphere.

Reinforce natural light with several points of artificial light. Opt for tall floor lamps that can be placed in corners or next to the sofa.

If you want to use curtains, opt for very light fabrics that allow a lot of light to pass through and, if possible, that do not cover the entire window.

5. Continuity in the spaces

To achieve a feeling of general spaciousness throughout the home, you can follow several tips:

Eliminate doors whenever they are not necessary. In this way we manage to communicate rooms that may be related, such as the dining room with the kitchen.

Continuous floors. It is not advisable to change the floor in the different rooms of the house.

Did you know that at Immobiliaria Espígul we have a team of architects and interior designers for all the projects we build? That’s why if you don’t want to move house and you are thinking of renovating, you can also contact us and we will advise you on the whole process.

If you are finally considering the option of moving house, Inmobiliaria Espígul is your best option. Contact us at hola@espigul.com or call us on 972 220 110 and we will provide you with the information you need to work together on the house of your dreams.

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