5 Trends in decoration for the summer

July 18, 2019

As you know, fashions are temporary and the trends change every season. That is why from Espígul we leave you the latest fashion in decoration for this summer:

  1. Colors: Go back to the most natural tones. This year 2019 the color of fashion is the orange red (oxide). Complement to the dining rooms or rooms of beige or white color, with elements of this color (As for example: tablecloths, pillows or curtains) will give Vitality to the home while a feeling of warmth.
  2. Materials: the colors of the materials tend to be natural tones and less saturated, such as the natural stone sample and the tinted glass.
  3. Printed: This summer, the floral style is printed by excellence, ideal for curtains, there are bottoms of sofas, walls, etc.
  4. Furniture: respect to furniture, natural wood tables, finished with golden touches and hanging lamps are one success 2019.
  5. Decorative elements: they are very important as a final touch. You can always place frames with frames with golden finishes, old aromatic colors of this year’s color or flowers to create an ideal environment.

In Espígul we have Interior Designers that can make your home the home you are looking for.

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