5 tips to save money on your bill this winter

November 28, 2019

The cold has arrived a few weeks ago. Temperatures have dropped and we are already beginning to consider whether to put heating or not. Expenses increase at this time of year and more if you want to be comfortable in a warm home.

However, we can have the house at a good temperature and at the same time control the invoices of these months. From the Organization of Consumers and Users, these five points are advised:

  • Much of what we pay on the bill is the contracted power. That is why it is essential to control how much power we contract and in case of having a margin between the consumption and the power contracted, adjust it to save.
  • Time discrimination is a rate that can be a great way to save. In winter (between 10:00 p.m. and 12:00 p.m.), it is called the valley timetable. If at this time 30% of the consumption can be concentrated, the monthly expense can be reduced.
  • The devices connected to the light, even if they are not ignited, also consume. This status in “stand-by” on the invoice is reflected. Televisions or computers can be turned off and can mean 10% savings of what is consumed.
  • Both the washing machine and the dishwasher consume more when they have to heat the water. To save, we can select programs that work at low temperatures, between 40 and 60 degrees.
  • Heating in winter is a key element both for comfort and for spending. No need to have an oasis, a reasonable temperature is between 19 and 21 degrees. Additionally, lowering the thermostat at night and good maintenance of the boiler can mean up to 15% savings per year.

Finally, with these tricks, we hope to spend a not too cold winter and take advantage of it to save on the invoices that come ahead.

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