5 keys to good air conditioning

February 27, 2020

A good climate in our home helps to save on heating and reduce the dreaded gas and electricity bills.

In this post we give you some keys to get a good air conditioning and maintain it:

  • Heat loss occurs when the home is not well insulated. It is essential to have good insulation to keep the heat in. Windows are a key point for thermal insulation, if you have doubts about which are more efficient, here we leave you the post explaining how to identify them.
  • The maintenance of the heating system avoids having pressure losses. To achieve a good condition, it is necessary to purge and thus, take advantage of the maximum heat they can offer.
  • Depending on your stay in the house, the temperature can be regulated. It is not necessary to always be at the same temperature, but, without letting the room get cold, by lowering the temperature you can save. The OCU recommends maintaining a temperature of 20 degrees during the day and 16 degrees at night. You can also keep the heat in by closing the doors and heating the rooms that are not being used.
  • If our home has a good orientation and the sun touches it enough, you should take advantage of it to open the blinds and let the heat come through the window and get the maximum natural heat. But, at night, keep the blinds in mind. Lower them and minimise the heat loss that has built up during the day.

In conclusion, a correct air conditioning of the house can mean a great saving in the energy bill. Implementing these keys in your routine can help you not to be cold without paying a fortune. If you want to know more, in our blog you will find other advice on how to save.

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