10 tips for a safe home

February 9, 2023

It is vitally important to invest in the protection of our home and, above all, to be very attentive and do everything possible to avoid any small carelessness that could put our home and even ourselves and our loved ones in danger.

For this reason, at Espígul we offer you 10 tips to make your home a safer place and so that you and your loved ones can live with tranquility.

  • Know your home

Not all houses are the same and, therefore, not all security measures serve in the same way for any property. Thus, it is convenient to carry out an analysis of the security of your home to find out exactly which security systems fit the needs of your home. Remember that security changes according to the type of housing.

The better you know your home and the optimal security system for it, the more protection you will be able to provide yourself and whoever lives with you.

  • Pay attention to public spaces

In the same way that it is important to know and pay attention to your own home, it is also important to do so with the environment. When you live in a neighborhood or community of owners, it is necessary to monitor community spaces.

In this regard, special attention must be paid to the safety of the garages and parking lots. This is a very busy and easily accessible public area, so additional security measures would be a perfect choice.

  • Create neighborhood support groups

The more eyes to watch, the better. For this reason, creating neighborhood support groups is of great help to be able to communicate in a timely manner in the event of any alert and thus ensure everyone’s safety.

  • Home automation is almost an essential ally

We live in a world where technology is very present even in home security. Install a home automation system in your home, from smart doors and windows to TV timers, lights, etc., there is a wide range of possibilities.

Allows the constant control of each space in your house, with applications that you can consult from a mobile device or a computer, security cameras, alarms, movement sensors or panic buttons are incorporated that connect with the corresponding security organizations in case of any emergency.

  • Do not give perception of abandonment

Uninhabited houses are the ideal target for thieves. even if there is no one inside, it is recommended Do not lower the blinds in the house completely, especially during the holidays.

If it is a rented house or is waiting to be sold, it is best not to leave anything in it. Also, if the house is going to be long periods without anyone visiting it, it is recommended to install an anti-occupancy security system.

  • Be discreet

In relation to the above, one of the main tips to keep the house safe during an absence is to avoid posting data about vacations on social networks.

It is preferable to share the experience with the virtual community once you have returned from your trip, since you never know if potential thieves have access to that information and are prepared to use it to their advantage.

  • Doors and windows

Although this is an obvious measure, they should be kept closed, especially in the case of prolonged absences or in the daily situation of empty houses.

It is recommended to maintain and inspect doors and windows periodically, since due to weather conditions, they can be damaged and lose their effectiveness and make it easy for thieves to force them.

  • Nothing in sight

If the terrace or garden can be seen from the door or through grilles, it is convenient that there is nothing of value in these spaces.

Of course, it is very important to know where to put the security cameras. Make sure your surveillance camera is Highly visible to create a deterrent effect or, if it seems more convenient, use a hidden security camera to hide blind spots.

  • Try to rob yourself

It may sound silly, but as well as being fun, putting yourself in the shoes of a thief can help you uncover security issues.

  • Hire an insurance

Finally, hiring home insurance will be a valuable and useful tool that will help youIt will serve as support in the face of many eventualities that may arise in the home.

In short, achieving maximum peace of mind in our home does not have to be a complex task if some of these guidelines are put into practice.

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