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To find the house of your dreams never has been so easy

In this section you will find the best properties to get the house of your dreams. We also have all type of property in Girona and the surrounding areas such as houses, flats, parkings or business premises.
Let us accompany you from the beginning and during the purchase process to advise you in all scope to make the purchase success.

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Price from 0 to 9.999.999 €


10.000 €
65 €

Parking for sale or rent in Girona (Fontajau - Taialà)

11 m2 |

Parking in the Taialá area for a small car of 11m2, Call us to visit it before you do not get away from your ...

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70 €

Parking of rent in Girona (Devesa)

14 m2 |

Parking in the area of ​​the devesa, 14m2 easy access and for an unbeatable price, Call us to visit it before you do not get away from your ...

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40 €

Parking of rent in Girona (Hipercor - Sant Pau)

12 m2 |

Parking next to Hipercor! Parking in the neighborhood of Sant Pau and a few meters from Hipercor. It is a parking space in the basement, with automatic door and good access. Samll parking place. For the rental is required: 1 rental monthly, 1 deposit of €50 for the remote control and 1 monthly fee for the agency. Call us to appoint a ...

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145 €

Parking of rent in Girona (Eixample)

18 m2 |

Garage closed in the center! If you are looking for a large, private parking space with a small storage space, we have what you want. It is located in a communal parking lot in the basement and has its own enclosure with automatic door. The space is very large, worth seeing! Call us to ...

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70 €

Parking of rent in Girona (Pare Coll)

14 m2 |

Good and great parking. Community parking with automatic door with remote control and ramp of good access. The parking lot is on the ground floor -2 and has good maneuver as well as being spacious. If you want to visit, call us to arrange ...

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