Els 7 passos bàsics que has de saber abans de reformar un habitatge

June 12, 2020

Espígul Real Estate has a team of experts who can lead comprehensive reforms of your house or apartment.

Thanks to the projects we have carried out over the years, we know that carrying out a comprehensive reform is a complex process and that most of the time it is unexpected. If it is the first time you are going to make reforms, surely you have doubts about how to start and you are wondering how you can optimize the time and money.

In this post we want to highlight the 7 basic steps you should know before starting a reform so that you can plan a reform without stress or unforeseen events.

What do you need to know before renovating your apartment or house?

1. Make a list of your needs

Decide on all the changes you want to make and above all determine what improvements you want to achieve; for example, gain more space, make a brighter room, manage to transform unusable spaces into functional ones.

This list will help you when your head is full of ideas and doubts are not good companions in the decision making process.

2. Get a quote

It is important to put on an economic swath to know how far we are prepared to invest in reform. It will help you when the time comes to choose the materials and decorative elements because beyond your preferences in style, textures and colors the price will always be a variable to take into account.

3. Look for sources of inspiration

This is the most creative part and the one that surely everyone enjoys during the process of making reforms at home. Look for images, examples of other kitchens, bathrooms or cupboards to file ideas and proposals that you like and discard those that do not fit what you are looking for.

Social networks such as Instagram and Pintarest are two sources of inspiration where you can find many ideas. But also decoration and architecture magazines can help you.

4. Trust professionals to design your project

Once you have put all the above advice into practice, it is time to put yourself in the hands of professionals so that they can design your ideas and help you choose the best options in terms of both materials and space optimization. Thanks to your collected ideas they will be able to understand more quickly and concisely what you are looking for. The same with the numbers, since they will try to design a reform proposal adjusted to your initial budget.

5. Compare budgets and ideas

It is always advisable to compare budgets and ideas to be able to decide with greater certainty the most favourable option before starting to reform your home. Beyond the numbers, you should also evaluate the methodology of work and how all the people on the team are organized. 

A Immoespigul is valued the sum of talents and their involvement in each phase of the project, from the architect, the person who will manage the commercial part, the interior designer to the construction team.

6. Find out about the permits you need

This point is very important in order to know which permits you must ask the town hall for in order to start the reforms. With a simple call to your Town Hall they will provide you with the information.

7. Consider incorporating more sustainable and energy saving measures

This step to Immoespigul is essential because when you have decided to make reforms in your house is the time to assess how I can save energy thanks to the materials used or electrical systems implemented. 

For example, with the thickness of the walls or installation of appropriate windows you can correctly isolate a house and save energy. We leave you a post where we explain how you can save money with efficient windows.

Put the 7 points into practice before starting a renovation and you will be able to reform your flat or house successfully. Finally, we leave you with some extra advice, relax and enjoy the process of changing your home.

If you want to see examples of reforms visit our instagram.

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